I’ve been working as a journalist since 1987.

In reporting stories, I’ve searched for fallen meteorites in the Sahara Desert, snuck into Manuel Noriega’s abandoned beach house, and camped out with Army soldiers … Read more »

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Live Free and Fly

New Hampshire is angling to become the flying car capital of the universe. Let me take you on a flyover.
Bloomberg Hyperdrive
Edited by Dimitra Kessinedes
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Talk of the Town

What happened when I set out to discuss politics with my Trump-supporting neighbors.
The Washington Post Magazine
Edited by David Rowell
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A Hero’s Journey

In walking over 9,000 miles along the perimeter of the United States, Rue McKenrick got shot at, got stopped by police 20 times, got attacked by biting ants, had a tree fall on him and battled depression. And he never stopped being an idealist.
Edited by Casey Lyons
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