I’ve been working as a journalist since 1987.

In reporting stories, I’ve searched for fallen meteorites in the Sahara Desert, snuck into Manuel Noriega’s abandoned beach house, and camped out with Army soldiers … Read more »

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The Price of Gold

 What happens when your neighborhood is demolished to make way for the Olympic Games? A visit to Vila Autodromo, a favela in Rio de Janeiro.  The Washington Post Magazine
Edited by David Rowell

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Three scientists chronicle the life, death, and the last stand of Grizzly Glacier.   Backpacker
Edited by Casey Lyons

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The Ambitious Plan to Build a Ski Utopia in Maine

Shuddered for five years, Saddleback Maine aims to become a rare thing in today’s ski industry when it reopens: a humane mountain where the workers are treated well and the PBR flows at a people’s price.    Outside
Edited by Gloria Liu

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