I’ve been working as a journalist since 1987.

In reporting stories, I’ve searched for fallen meteorites in the Sahara Desert, snuck into Manuel Noriega’s abandoned beach house, and camped out with Army soldiers … Read more »

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From Farms to Factories

Ethiopia’s Industrial Revolution. 

Bloomberg Businessweek
Edited by Miranda Purves. Photos by Nichole Sobecki.

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The Last Naturalist

In a world where our time and attention are fractured into smaller and smaller bits, legendary biologist and runner Bernd Heinrich is a throwback, a man who has carved a deep grove in his patch of Maine woods.

Edited by Elizabeth Hightower. Photo by Jesse Burke.

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Taking Aim On The New Cold War

A backcountry ski journey through the minus 30 degree chill of the Arctic, in the company of nine U.S. military men training to face down Vladimir Putin’s Russian warriors.

Edited by Sam Berman. Photo by Heath Sandall.

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