I’ve been working as a journalist since 1987.

In reporting stories, I’ve searched for fallen meteorites in the Sahara Desert, snuck into Manuel Noriega’s abandoned beach house, and camped out with Army soldiers … Read more »

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Spontaneously combusting toxic chemicals, corruption, litter spilling everywhere: Here’s a look at a burgeoning maritime problem–container ship spills.
The Narwhal
Edited by Mike De Souza
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The Bike Wanderer

Iohan Gueorguiev made beautiful films about his adventures cycling all over the world. In the eyes of his 100,000 YouTube followers, he had a dream job. So why, then, did things so wrong for him?
Edited by Leah Flickinger
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The Fight for The Soul of Gunstock Mountain

Far right politicians seeks to take control of a beloved county owned ski area.  
The Boston Globe Magazine
Edited by Francis Storrs
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