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Painting the Fence

Yankee Magazine, March 2017

The joys and agonies of maintaining the picket fence at my family’s ancient home in New Hampshire. Edited by Ian Aldrich.

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The Messenger

The Washington Post Magazine, January 20, 2017

Once a basketball phenom and a hiphop deejay, Suhaib Webb is now a Muslim cleric with a vast following among millennials and also a bone to pick with Donald J. Trump. Edited by David Rowell.  

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Don’t Stop Now

Backpacker, January 2017

At age 77, long distance hiker George “Billy Goat” Woodard has no fixed address and is forever walking in the wilderness or making his way to the wilderness—on trains, in friends’ cars, and sometimes by hitchhiking. Edited by Dennis Lewon.

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The Million Mile Man

Outside, November 22, 2016

Cyclist Danny Chew has Asperger’s Syndrome. When he was 21, he resolved to ride his bike a million lifetime miles. Then, at age 54 and 783,000 miles into his quest, he crashed and became paralyzed. He now hopes to knock off the last 217,000 miles on a hand cycle. Edited by Elizabeth Hightower.

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To Build a Mosque in America

Bloomberg Businessweek, August 16, 2016

After 18 years and $1.5 million, the Islamic Society of New Hampshire is still struggling to build its own place of worship. Edited by Miranda Purves.

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